Watch: GOT7 Members Put Their Limits To The Test

GOT7 members have fulfilled the curiosities of fans!

On the second episode of Mnet’s web variety show “IDOLity,” Jackson, Jinyoung, and Mark took on various tests to answer fans’ questions.

Jackson was first asked how low-cut of a shirtless top he can wear, and the other members cut shirts themselves for Jackson to try. He picked a random shirt, which ended up being the lowest-cut one by Yugyeom.It was also found that Jackson can stretch a cheese stick almost 50 centimeters.Next up was Jinyoung. As he is known for not having bright hair colors, piercings, strong makeup, and fancy clothes or accessories, fans wanted to know how far he could take it. He was then given a makeover to be styled like BamBam, who tends to be the complete opposite. For the test of which member takes the best photos of Jinyoung, Youngjae’s photo was chosen. When asked how many times Mark can wink in a moment, he was able to do 134.The next test showed how many Cheongyang chili peppers Mark could endure in his ramen. He easily ate ramen with over nine of them, although other members seemed to have trouble with the spiciness.The episode ended by measuring the head sizes of Mark, BamBam, and Jackson. Mark’s is 55.8 centimeters, while BamBam and Jackson’s are about 55 centimeters.More unique tests on the GOT7 members will be shown on the third episode, which will be released on November 28.

Check out the full second episode below: