Update: B.A.P Drops MV Teaser For “Hands Up”

Updated December 11 KST:

The music video teaser has been revealed for B.A.P’s “Hands Up”!

Check it out below:

Updated December 7 KST:

Youngjae and Zelo are the latest B.A.P members to feature in new teaser photos for “Hands Up”!

Updated December 6 KST:

B.A.P has shared some more teaser photos for their return with “Hands Up” and their single album “EGO,” this time starring members Himchan and Daehyun!

Updated December 5 KST:

B.A.P has begun releasing a second set of individual teaser images for their comeback, with members Bang Yong Guk and Jongup first up to feature in the photos!

Updated December 4 KST:

B.A.P fans have now been gifted with a new teaser photo of the group as well as some more information about what to look forward to!

On December 4, the group tweeted a new group photo that includes the text “Hands Up” and the date December 13, hinting at what appears to be the name of their title track for their single album “EGO” and their comeback date.

Updated November 30 KST:

Youngjae and Zelo are the latest B.A.P members to feature in teaser photos for their new single “EGO”!

Updated November 29 KST:

B.A.P has shared Himchan and Daehyun’s teaser photos for “EGO”!

Updated November 28 KST:

B.A.P has now released Bang Yong Guk and Jongup’s teaser photos for their return with a new single album! The photos reveal that their new release will be entitled “EGO.”

Original Article:

B.A.P has shared a first look at their comeback!

After it was reported on November 21 that B.A.P is planning a comeback in December, the group has released their first teaser image for their return with an eighth single album. The beautiful photo features the guys looking up at a camera from an alleyway, with a concept that looks perfect for late autumn.

B.A.P most recently made a comeback with “BLUE” this September.

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