Park Shin Hye Shares Her Approach To Dating As A Celebrity

Popular actress Park Shin Hye recently sat down for an interview where she candidly discussed her kind image, future goals, and take on dating.

Park Shin Hye first touched on the ‘kind image’ she has earned due to the characters she has played. The actress expressed that she is just like everyone else, saying, “Beyond not being an energizer, I am also not a person who lives like a machine. I am just like everyone else. Sometimes I cry and get angry. It’s not that I don’t get stressed from having a healthy image. All of a sudden, I became ‘someone who seems like they would live only in an upright way.'”

“I want to go to bars or clubs and have a drink too, and there have been times I’ve worried because I can’t,” she said. “However, there are more good things [as an actor], so I’ve learned to let it go.”

In another interview, Park Shin Hye had mentioned she didn’t want to be remembered as just a Korean Wave star. Park Shin Hye explained her statement, commenting, “I want to be an actor with various talents over than being a Korean Wave star. Not just as an actor, I have a desire to live well as a woman. I want to live a life not bound to certain descriptions. [I would like to be] a person who constantly grows and develops. But I don’t know how long that will take.”

Park Shin Hye also shared her take on marriage and dating, revealing, “While watching my parents, I’ve dreamed of marriage [ever since I was young]. As I work hard, I’ll develop an eye [for others], and won’t that naturally develop into a relationship?”

When the topic of relationship rumors came up, the actress responded, “I [date] in secret. I don’t think there’s really a need to date publicly. I think it’s necessary to separate personal matters from professional matters.” She added with a laugh, “I’ll just announce when I’m getting married.”

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