MONSTA X’s Jooheon Explains Why He Wore A Mask For “Show Champion” Performance

MONSTA X member Jooheon has shared why he covered part of his face with a mask during the group’s “Dramarama” performance on the November 22 episode of “Show Champion.”

That day, MONSTA X turned on a V Live broadcast to celebrate Kihyun’s birthday. During the show, the guys asked Jooheon to explain why he was wearing a black mask on his face.

Jooheon joked that a fan had seen him today and given him a thumbs up to show that she thought his mask looked cool. “Actually the reason I’m wearing the mask is that this morning I was on the way back from the studio and there was a bit of a minor accident,” he said. “My jaw got a little wounded.”

Jooheon and his fellow members explained that he had fallen down in an alleyway, and that he was wearing the mask to cover up an abrasion. “You don’t need to worry too much,” he assured fans. MONSTA X also added that Jooheon hadn’t needed stitches and just had something covering up the wound to prevent a scar.

Kihyun also asked fans to be very careful while walking in alleyways, even if they think there are no cars around. Hyungwon added, “For all those who drive in alleyways, please control your speed.” Jooheon added, “Please go slowly.”

MONSTA X is currently promoting their new track “Dramarama,” which recently earned them their first ever music show win. You can check out their “Show Champion” performance here.

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