Idols Share Their Thoughts On Completing College Entrance Exams

Congratulations to all the idols who have completed their college entrance exams this year!

Due to the earthquake in Pohang on November 15, the exams had been pushed back to November 23. The exams ended safely without any more interruptions, and all those taking the test, including idols, can take a breath of relief now.

Here’s what some of the idols have to say about finishing the college entrance exams.

Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung

Dayoung of girl group Cosmic Girls commented, “Finally, I’m done with the college entrance exams. I feel relieved, but at the same time I feel like I could’ve done better. Still, I did my best, so I’m very happy. To all the students who took the exam, great job. You don’t have that many school days left, so make many good memories.”

Cosmic Girls’ Yeoreum

Along with her fellow Cosmic Girls member Dayoung, Yeoreum also took the exam this year. She said, “Every year when it’s time for the college entrance exams, I thought I still have a lot of time left, but when I actually took the exam, I was shaking a lot, and I was very nervous. I think I focused more than usual and ended [the exams] well, so I feel content. On the other hand, I feel relieved and happy. I hope all the students who took the exams do well.”

Oh My Girl’s Arin

Arin of Oh My Girl commented, “Finally, the college entrance exams that the other students and I have prepared for are over. It was my first time taking them, so I was nervous and excited, but I’m happy that they ended safely. I hope that everyone can put aside their nervousness about the results and just rest today, eat a lot of delicious food, and have a warm time. All of you have worked hard. Good job.”

Lee Soo Min

Lee Soo Min, a former “K-pop Star 6″ contestant and current”MIXNINE” trainee, said through her agency Fave Entertainment, “The college entrance exams are finally over. It wasn’t easy to focus on my schoolwork while dreaming of becoming a singer and striving to practice. However, I feel like I did my best on the exams, so I feel lighthearted. I wish all the students who took the exams get the good results they studied hard for.”

VICTON’s Subin

VICTON’s youngest member Subin also took the college entrance exams this year. He expressed his gratefulness to his fans, saying, “Thanks to the support of ALICE [VICTON’s fan club name], I was able to do well on the exams. Once again, good job to all the students who took the exams.” He also added, “Before I went into the room, I was very nervous, but I feel lighthearted after finishing the exams. I tried my best for the exam, so I hope I will get good results.”

Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon

Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon finished her college entrance exams and through her agency Fantagio Music, she shared, “Finally, the exams are over. I think this was also a nerve-wracking moment for me. I hope all the students who took the exams get good results and enjoy a warm dinner with their families. Great job, everyone.”

Once again, congratulations to all the idols and students who took the college entrance exams!

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