“Two Cops” Co-Stars Jo Jung Suk And Hyeri Open Up About Age Difference

On November 23, upcoming MBC drama “Two Cops” held a press conference, where co-stars Jo Jung Suk and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri addressed their 14-year age gap.

Jo Jung Suk commented, “When we first got casted, I did think about the age gap. I felt a bit worried and pressured as well. But every project I take on, I think about the characters and the chemistry [more].” He also joked, “Nowadays, I also hear that I look pretty young, so I’m happy and I hope that I do appear that way.”

Hyeri stated, “I was also worried since I’m also told that I look pretty young. But then I met Jo Jung Suk for the first time and he looked so young. So, I don’t think I was worried at all [afterwards].  We kept talking both during and outside of [filming] and were able to get closer, and so I think the chemistry became better. ”

Fantasy-romance drama “Two Cops” is about detective Cha Dong Tak whose body is possessed by conman Kim Seon Ho (both played by Jo Jung Suk) and a tough local news reporter Song Ji An (played by Hyeri).

“Two Cops” will air on November 27 at 10 p.m. KST.

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