Jo Jung Suk Shows Another Side To His Detective Character In New “Two Cops” Stills

MBC has released more stills of its lead Jo Jung Suk in the upcoming drama “Two Cops” ahead of its premiere.

In “Two Cops,” Jo Jung Suk plays a homicide detective named Cha Dong Tak. He spends his life at the police station as if its his home, ready to catch a criminal at a moment’s notice. Because he is so busy with work, he rarely has time to go back home.

However, in the newly released stills, Cha Dong Tak has a bouquet of flowers in his hand as he visits a cinerarium. His sad expression exudes loneliness and he stands there quietly, looking at the vault. This raises questions as to who this vault belongs to, why he took the time to come visit alone, and the events that transpired up to this moment.

The staff on set were reportedly impressed with how Jo Jung Suk was able to perfectly capture the expression of deep sadness without shedding a tear. “Two Cops” will premiere on Monday at November 27 at 10 p.m. KST.

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