Watch: Block B Members Jokingly Name What Zico Should Fix About Himself

Block B surprised students at Sejong University on the November 24 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly.”

In a segment called “School Attack,” the Block B members surprised a lecture hall full of unsuspecting college students. The group also prepared a performance for the students and visited the performance venue beforehand. When they saw the venue, they worriedly said, “It’s so big that I don’t know if we can fill it.”

Despite their worries, when it was time for Block B’s mini concert to start, students packed the seats and the members commented that they were touched. Block B performed their new title track “Shall We Dance” and one lucky student got to do a “sexy dance” with Park Kyung.

Some students also wrote down their questions on post-its and an MC chose and asked the questions to the members. One of the questions asked the members what they thought Zico should fix about himself. P.O said, “The look in Zico’s eyes.” He explained, “Sometimes when he just looks up without any ill intent, I think, ‘Is he annoyed?'”

Zico responded, “How am I supposed to fix what I look like?” and made everyone laugh.

U-Kwon looked at Zico and commented, “I want him to fix working so hard” which made P.O shout, “What does that make me?”

Watch the clip below!

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