Lee Chung Ah Talks About Personally Relating To Her Character On “Because This Is My First Life”

Lee Chung Ah appeared in the second half of tvN’s “Because This is My First Life,” but the impact of her character made it seem as if she had been there all along. The actress recently sat down for an interview where she shared her thoughts on her character.

On “Because This is My First Life,” Lee Chung Ah portrays Go Jung Min, a 38-year-old company CEO who appeared in front of her ex-boyfriend Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) after 12 years. She was cast personally by the drama’s writer Yoon Nan Joong, whom she worked with previously in the 2011 tvN drama “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.”

An iconic scene that was created was Go Jung Min and Nam Se Hee’s first run-in scene. Lee Chung Ah said, “The director thought about it a lot. The script said, ‘Jung Min stretches her arms, forgets about her arms after meeting Se Hee.’ The director suggested we put down the arms, but I thought if [she] met Se Hee, she could forget to put her arms down, so I just kept them up.” She added that she liked the scene because it helped the situation play out lighter on-screen.

It has been 15 years since Lee Chung Ah debuted, but this was the first time she played someone older than her age in real life. She had previously always portrayed vibrant characters who were years younger than her.

The actress stated, “It made me think about how I would be at 38 years old. After a long-time love passes and even while liking your career, sometimes a woman in her mid-30s feels a bit sad. I think Go Jung Min has exactly that feeling. The feeling of a woman past her mid-30s who has a job she loves and thinks to herself about what if she had gone all-in with her first love in her 20s—that feeling. The path you don’t take always makes you wonder. I got that feeling from Go Jung Min. Please tune in until the end.”

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