Jeon Jiyoon Is Realistic About The Possibility Of 4Minute’s Reunion

Former 4Minute member and current solo artist Jeon Jiyoon recently shot a pictorial for fashion magazine bnt.

In the following interview, Jeon Jiyoon talked about her plans for the rest of the year. “I planned to release a single album within the year but it might be pushed back a bit,” she said. “I want to show everyone some good music soon.”

She added, “I’m working on a song that can show all the things I’ve felt and experienced up until now. It has a jazz vibe. All the songs I will release from now on will contain an honest picture of myself. I want to make songs about my stories.”

When asked about the recent spate of celebrities leaving their idol groups to pursue solo careers, like Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Jeon Jiyoon said, “The number of people who are very independent and clearly know the things they want to do is increasing. I think that we will see a lot more independent promotions from now on.”

She also addressed the possibility of her own disbanded girl group, 4Minute, reuniting on stage. “We are all working hard in our individual areas so it’s something I can’t promise,” she said. “I don’t want to give people hope and then let them down, so I would rather not raise people’s expectations too high. I want to tell them to not get their hopes up too much.”

Jeon Jiyoon picked holding a solo concert as her future goal and revealed that she is working hard on writing music with that goal in mind. She added, “Eventually I want to make a lot of money and live a full life.”

This year Jeon Jiyoon has released songs like “Cliche” with Samuel Seo and the OST “Taken” for the drama “The Guardians.”

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