Seohyun Reveals How Lee Soo Man And Other Girls’ Generation Members Reacted To Her Leaving SM

During a recent interview, Seohyun opened up about how Lee Soo Man and the other Girls’ Generation members touched her heart with their encouragement.

She shared how she had sat down for a meal with Lee Soo Man, during which he expressed his thoughts on her decision to not renew her contract with SM Entertainment.

“He encouraged me a lot. He talked about how I’ve done well up until now, and thanked me,” Seohyun explained. “I’m extremely thankful towards him as well. I think I will forever be grateful that he [helped] an ordinary girl [like me] become a positive influence for many as a member of Girls’ Generation. I told him that I want to continue living on with that responsibility. He respected my decision, and told me that he will always support me.”

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The singer-actress also touched on how her fellow members reacted, saying, “The Girls’ Generation members have always conversed a lot, and we had many serious talks as well. We’ve always talked about our dreams and what we wanted to do. We’ve matured together over the past 10 years…and we’re fully aware that there are [different] directions that we want to take with our lives. I think we’ve always respected each other’s [decisions]. We understood each other’s choices, and promised to support each other until the very end.”

Seohyun will reportedly be setting up her own one-person agency for future promotions.

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