Jung Hae In Analyzes Own Acting + Reveals How He Noticed His Increased Popularity

“While You Were Sleeping” star Jung Hae In has captivated the hearts of many with his genuine personality and hard work ethic. In a recent interview, the rising actor opened up about his notable increase in popularity, and reflected on his craft.

While the popular SBS drama that shot him to stardom is now over, Jung Hae In is available to watch on both the big screen and the small screen. He acts as the lead role in currently-playing film “The Age of Blood, 2017,” and is also starring in director Shin Won Ho’s tvN drama “Prison Playbook.” As he was discussing these projects, Jung Hae In shared his thoughts on his growth as an actor.

“When I watch the movie I filmed a year and a half ago now, I see that I’ve improved overall. However, there are some parts of my acting that I think were better back then. If I were to describe how, I would say I was more daring,” he explained. “Nowadays, I have a lot more doubts and concerns. I’ve come to reflect on how I shouldn’t act with such an analytical mindset.”

Jung Hae In also touched on how he chooses productions, saying, “I think I just have good luck. I don’t believe I’m honestly in a position to be able to choose any production or role I want. I think reasons like, ‘Because I like the scriptwriter,’ or ‘Because I like the script,’ are for top-of-the-line actors. Wouldn’t the reason I’ve been able to star in good productions consecutively be because I’m lucky? I will say that I try not to lose any opportunity that is presented to me. That effort may have helped me see continuing results.”

As for his increased popularity, Jung Hae In humbly commented, “I don’t really know. I don’t really feel anything directly because I don’t go outside just to walk around as much since I’m so busy. However, the amount of people who ask me for my signature has increased.”

He explained that the main reasons that he finally realized his increase in popularity were how his friends and acquaintances would ask him for signatures to give to other people, and how the number of followers on his social media accounts exponentially grew. Jung Hae In joked, “A unique aspect of my fan cafe was how ‘exclusive’ it was [because of its small numbers], but the number of fans has grown a lot,” before expressing, “I am extremely grateful for that as well.”

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