Jung Hae In Reveals The Extreme Conditions He Worked Under While Filming Movie

On the November 25 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” actors Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Won Jong, and Jung Hae In appeared as guests.

Jung Hae In revealed during the show that he had suffered from exhaustion three times while filming the movie “The Age of Blood, 2017.”

“We filmed it during July and August, and because the set of the prison was cramped without any ventilation, it got really hot,” Kim Ji Hoon explained. “Due to the poor conditions, we got drenched in sweat whenever we started shooting. Jung Hae In filmed action scenes for eight hours under these conditions.”

Lee Won Jong jokingly added, “I realized only later that Jung Hae In was this good-looking. He looked scruffy during filming because he was playing the role of a policeman in the Joseon Dynasty, but he’s actually really handsome.”

All three actors took part in “The Age of Blood, 2017,” which tells the story of a soldier who tries to protect the king against those planning treason.

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