Watch: Wanna One’s Kang Daniel Shows Off Perfect Drinking Etiquette With His Teacher

On the November 24 episode of Mnet’s “Wanna One Go: Zero Base,” Kang Daniel visited his middle school teacher for the first time in six years.

The Wanna One member went back to his hometown of Busan and spent time shopping with his mother first. They went around looking for a gift for a mysterious somebody, finally deciding on a necktie.

It soon turned out that the gift was for Kang Daniel’s middle school teacher whom he had missed a lot. “He was the one who recommended b-boying to me,” Kang Daniel explained. “He gave me unforgettable memories of my time in school.”

Kang Daniel and the teacher embraced each other as the teacher called him “Eui Geon,” Kang Daniel’s birth name. Kang Daniel revealed that he wanted to have a drink with his teacher since he was all grown up now, to which the teacher agreed with a smile.

The two settled down at a bar where Kang Daniel gave his teacher the gifts he had prepared earlier. Along with the neckties, he had also brought Wanna One’s album. The teacher looked very proud of his student and commented, “You look much more handsome in person,” as he looked at the pictures in the album.

What caught many eyes was Kang Daniel’s drinking etiquette. He showed off perfect manners, which are considered important in Korea when drinking with someone older than you.

First, Kang Daniel didn’t put his other hand on top of the table. He kept his left hand on his knee as he ate and drank with his right hand. Second, he did not begin drinking until his teacher did. Only after his teacher picked up his glass and suggested another round did Kang Daniel pick up his glass.

Kang Daniel kept to the rules when it came to actual drinking as well. When his teacher poured him a drink, he looked down and held the glass with both hands. Next, he turned his head to the right and drank with his two hands covering the glass so his teacher couldn’t see it.

When it was his turn to pour the drink, Kang Daniel held the bottle with his right hand and put his left hand underneath the bottle to steady it.

Watch Kang Daniel’s perfect manners below!

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