Watch: “The Unit” Contestants Face Off In A Fierce Dance Battle

On the November 25 episode of “The Unit,” some of the contestants went head to head in a fierce competition for the dance position on the team of their choice.

Any contestant could come up and perform a short dance, and whoever ends up with the most “boots,” or points, would be crowned the winner. The judges were none other than their fellow contestants, who were instructed to press “boot” for any contestant they thought did well.

Among the girls, Lee Bo Lim, Park Ji Won, Yena, and Viva all stepped up to the challenge. Each of them received more “boots,” or points, than the previous female contestant, and they each got the chance to sit in the winner’s seat at least once next to host and mentor San E. Hanbin and Lee Suji also showcased their best moves, but unfortunately failed to score higher than Viva, who had 85 boots.

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Things got heated up, however, when Cube Entertainment trainee Lee Ju Hyun stepped onto the stage. The contestants were amazed by her strong performance. BIGSTAR’s Feeldog commented, “I think she’ll get more than 100 boots.” Lee Ju Hyun ended up receiving 87 boots and came up on top as the number one female dancer thus far. Haein from LABOUM said, “She was so cool. She was flying around.” BIGFLO’s Euijin was in awe of her, saying, “Someone I never imagined came out, and I was moving around in my seat [out of excitement].”

The competition wasn’t over yet however. Mint, a former member of Tiny-G, came up on stage and showed off her own equally-as-powerful moves that awed the crowd. Eventually, she stole the crown with 90 boots and was awarded as the best female dancer. Mint said, “During the last music video, I didn’t sing well, so I’m very happy to be first place.”

The boys’ dance battle started next. MADTOWN’s Daewon showed off his incredible dance moves and skillful acrobatic moves that earned him 87 boots. HOTSHOT’s Timoteo came to challenge him, but unfortunately did not earn enough points.

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Things took a turn when Euijin came on stage. His popping made jaws drop, and even San E was stunned. San E wondered if his bones were okay and commented, “I want to take an MRI scan [of him].” Euijin beat Daewon by 11 boots for a total of 98 boots, and took the spot next to San E. P.K, B-Joo, Hangyul, Hojoon all tried to beat Euijin’s score, but could not.

However, Euijin couldn’t stay in the winner’s seat for much longer when Feeldog came up and performed moves that made the crowd go wild. In the end, Feeldog claimed victory with 105 boots.

Watch some of the stunning dance performances below!

Also check out the rest of the performances in the full episode of “The Unit”!

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