Lee Seo Won Talks About Working With Ha Ji Won And Being Compared To Song Joong Ki And Park Bo Gum

In a recent interview, actor Lee Seo Won shared his thoughts about working with Ha Ji Won and being compared to his labelmates Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum.

Lee Seo Won praised his “Hospital Ship” co-star Ha Ji Won, saying, “She’s a really bright person. Even though we had to stay up nights filming, she didn’t lose her smile. Her energy is really incredible. Thanks to that, my respect for her always surges up whenever I see her.”

He continued, “In real life, we’re nearly 20 years apart, but I don’t feel any age difference. She’s really good to me. How do I say this? She really knows how to communicate with her junior actors. There’s no sense of incompatibility even with really young people. Of course, her baby face plays a part, but she is someone who really creates a lively atmosphere.”

Lee Seo Won is also being compared to Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum, not only because they are all part of Blossom Entertainment, but also because his course as a rising star is similar to those of the two successful actors.

To this, Lee Seo Won replied, “It is a huge honor for me to be referred to them. However, I’m worried that this kind of interest will cause them inconvenience. Who am I to be compared to those two? I just want to grow as myself and settle down as an actor. I don’t want to cause trouble for others by being someone’s modifier. I just want to be loved as me.”

He also added, “The more I’m compared to those two, the more I think that I should work harder,” and promised to always put in his full effort and try his best.

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