Watch: “The Unit” Female Contestants Perform Covers Of Popular K-Pop Songs For New Mission

After completing their music video mission last week, the contestants on KBS’s “The Unit” kicked off their new “restart” mission by performing their own renditions of K-pop hits.

On the November 25 episode of the survival show, the participants all split into new teams of nine members each. Each contestant was given the chance to choose between seven songs of varying concepts, allowing them to pick the concept that they felt best suited them. In cases where more than nine contestants chose the same song, the show held a vote to decide who would join the team.

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The mentors announced that the winning team would not only receive immunity from the first round of elimination, but would also have the chance to perform together with Rain during his comeback show.

The female contestants went first, performing seven iconic girl group hits for a live audience, who then voted on the spot for their favorite performers. The first and last place rankings within each group were revealed immediately after the performances, to both the delight and devastation of the participants.

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First up was the Black Team, who performed GFRIEND’s “Rough.” The team initially felt optimistic about its chances, because three of its members hailed from the winning team of the music video mission. However, things quickly took a sour turn when the members decided to take a nap and accidentally overslept through their dance evaluation with choreographer Kim Hwa Young. Luckily, the team managed to pull off a strong performance nonetheless.

The Black Team consisted of Shin Ji Hoon, Brave Girls’ Eunji, Lee Ju Hyun, NC.A, Lee Hyun Joo, Han Seo In, Melody Day’s Chahee, GOOD DAY’s Genie, and S.I.S’s Gaeul. NC.A took first place with 267 votes, while Genie came in last with 83 votes.

Next was the Blue Team, with its cover of 4Minute’s “Crazy”—the most popular song among the contestants, with 14 people choosing it during team formations. The Blue Team members pulled a hidden-camera prank on Euna Kim for her birthday during rehearsal by pretending to fight and storm out of the room, before reappearing with a surprise birthday cake.

The Blue Team consisted of Dal Shabet’s Serri, GOOD DAY’s Viva, Matilda’s Saebyeol, Euna Kim, Mint, Wassup’s Nari, SONAMOO’s Euijin, Baby Boo’s Dabin, and H.U.B’s Hyosun. Hyosun claimed first prize with 273 votes, while Saebyeol was in ninth place at 108 votes.

The third team to perform was the Yellow Team, who sang AOA’s “Heart Attack.” Although there was some tension amongst the team members as they learned the choreography and disagreed about certain parts of the dance, they ultimately pulled together in time for the performance.

The Yellow Team consisted of Park Ji Won, ACEMAX-RED’s Lena, S.E.T’s TaE, S2’s Yujeong, LipBubble’s Eunbyeol, Yoonjo, DIA’s Somyi, Melody Day’s Yoomin, and G-reyish’s Yena. Yoonjo came in first at 172 votes, while Eunbyeol placed last with 59 votes.

The Orange Team was up next, with its rendition of Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor.” The team attracted attention for having a lot of small and cute members, which suited the bubbly atmosphere of the song.

The Orange Team consisted of Matilda’s DanA, Apple.B’s Yuji, S.I.S’s Sebin, I, DIA’s Yebin, GOOD DAY’s Lucky, Lee Suji, Brave Girls’ Yujeong, and GOOD DAY’s Jiwon. First and last place both went to members of the group GOOD DAY, with Jiwon taking first with 183 votes and Lucky coming in last with 69 votes.

Fifth to perform was the Green Team with a cover of MAMAMOO’s “You’re the Best.” As the team had a remarkably high number of vocalists, their live performance impressed the other contestants, who praised the members’ singing abilities.

The Green Team consisted of Han Areum, WINGS’s Yeseul, Yang Jiwon, Miss $’s Kang Min Hee, Matilda’s Haena, JOO, GOOD DAY’s Heejin, BESTie’s Hyeyeon, and S.E.T’s EunE. It appeared that the team managed to impress the audience as well—Yang Ji Won claimed top prize with the highest score of the night, 302 votes, while the contestant in last place, Yeseul, still had a relatively high score at 149 votes.

Next was the White Team, performing SISTAR’s “Give It to Me.” The team initially faced some difficulties with part distribution, as they had four rappers and only four rap lines in the song. In the end, they pulled off a strong performance, forgoing SISTAR’s iconic high heels in favor of dancing barefoot.

The White Team consisted of Rubber Soul’s Kim, ACEMAX-RED’s Bomi, Seol Ha Yoon, LABOUM’s Haein, S2’s Chaewon, Janey, Matilda’s Semmi, Melody Day’s Yeoeun, and Kwon Ha Seo. Yeoeun was first with 280 votes, while Bomi placed ninth with 45 votes.

Last but not least, the Red Team covered Girls’ Generation’s “Gee.” The team got along well, working together cheerfully during rehearsal and comforting one another after the nerve-wracking performance.

The Red Team consisted of GOOD DAY’s Chaesol, Dal Shabet’s Woohee, LipBubble’s Hanbi, Lee Bo Lim, LABOUM’s ZN, Apple.B’s Sandy, LABOUM’s Yujeong, S.I.S’s Ann, and Soya. Woohee came in first place with 228 votes, while Sandy was last with 64 votes.

The overall team results for the female contestants will be announced on next week’s episode of “The Unit.”

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