Yoo Ah In Personally Calls Out People Leaving Negative Comments Online

Late at night on November 24, actor Yoo Ah In puzzled fans and lookers-on with his sudden tirade against people leaving negative comments about him online.

On his personal Twitter account, he wrote, “I’ll let you in on a great tip. If you don’t want to look at me, don’t. Unfollow me, and don’t type my name in the search bar. Please just live your own life. Take yourselves instead of me. That’s my wish. Really. Thanks for giving me the attention you crave.” He also wrote, “I will play with the people who help me and give me strength. You all play among yourselves. Why are you purposely seeking out things that make you uncomfortable? Don’t base your self-worth on things the world says. Get a life.”

When netizens responded to the posts above, Yoo Ah In personally responded, writing things like, “I said unfollow me. Don’t hurt yourself trying to interpret things that aren’t there” and “Please unfollow and block me.” He also responded to several other posts with varying degrees of seriousness.

While this was an understandable outpouring of frustration over the negative comments the actor has been receiving lately, he also went on to make some comments about feminism. To one Twitter user, he wrote, “When you say that because you’re a woman, you focus on women’s rights, it’s like saying because I’m a man, I should only focus on men’s rights. What I’m trying to say is that everyone should respect each other and not get buried in oneself if you want the respect and understanding of others.” To another user, he said, “Don’t package your hatred and make it look like feminism.” (This conversation continued for several more tweets.)

Then former trainee Han Seo Hee – herself embroiled in several recent controversies about her stance on feminism – apparently took exception to some of these comments, writing on her own social media account, “Because I’m a woman, I naturally focus on women’s rights. How is [what you said] different from telling black people fighting for their rights to respect white people’s rights as well? Korean men make up words like ‘kimchi girl’ (derogative term for women who spend all their time/money on luxury items), soybean paste girl (derogative term for women who scrimp on essentials to buy luxury items), and Mrs. Kim (derogative term for female drivers) but now that one person insults you it’s ‘hatred?'”

The incident, though Yoo Ah In wrapped it up with a smile on a quick live broadcast, left many people divided on whether the actor was in the right or went too far in responding to the commenters.

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