Jin Goo Reveals Why He Changed His Fashion Style After “Descendants Of The Sun”

On November 25, “Untouchable” actors Jin Goo and Go Jun Hee made a rare variety show appearance on the JTBC show “Ask Us Anything.”

On the show, Jin Goo bonded with Seo Jang Hoon over his love of basketball and revealed how his life changed after the popularity of “Descendants of the Sun.” He shared that a fan had once told him he needed to wear uniforms in dramas from now for those shows to do well and said, “In ‘Untouchable,’ I play a detective and I don’t really wear a particular uniform so some of my fans were concerned.”

He added later, “I really liked wearing military-style clothes in my personal style, but after filming “Descendants of the Sun,” I got a little embarrassed [to wear that]. In case people thought I was trying too hard [to get recognized].”

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