Popular Male Idol Impresses Audience With Vocal Talent On “King Of Masked Singer”

On the latest episode of “King of Masked Singer,” the identity of “Morning Soccer Club” was revealed to be the main vocalist of a popular boy group.

After a hiatus of 11 weeks, “King of Masked Singer” finally made its long-awaited return last week. The November 26 episode of the MBC singing competition featured the show’s first lineup of new contestants since September.

During the first round of the show, “Morning Soccer Club” and “Green Mother” performed a soulful rendition of Lee Juck’s “Rain.” The duet showcased both performers’ unique vocal tones, with “Morning Soccer Club” moving the audience with his emotional singing.


Although both contestants impressed the panelists and the audience members, “Green Mother” ultimately won the round with 61 votes.

“Morning Soccer Club” then performed a cover of Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl,” taking off his mask halfway through the song to reveal his identity. As it turned out, he was none other than one of B.A.P’s main vocalists, Youngjae.

Youngjae remarked jokingly, “Our group member Daehyun previously came on the show and won the first round, so I thought that I should work hard and make sure to win at least the first round.” He reported quickly changing his mind after his first rehearsal with “Green Mother,” during which he was surprised by her vocal ability. “After seeing her sing the second verse,” he recalled humbly, “I [gestured] to my manager [that it was over].”

The B.A.P member spoke fondly of his experience on the show, explaining, “Although I sing onstage [with B.A.P], because I’m also putting on a dance performance at the same time, my facial expressions are important too. But today I was able to just focus on singing, without worrying about those kinds of things, so I was happy that people could hear my voice and learn, ‘This is what B.A.P’s Youngjae sounds like.'”

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