7 Thrilling Reasons Why The Premiere Of “Untouchable” Has Us Hooked

JTBC’s new drama “Untouchable” aired its first episodes on Friday and Saturday. We knew we wouldn’t want to miss Jin Goo and Kim Sung Kyun in their roles as at-odds brothers of a powerful family, and so far the drama is off to a promising start, with plenty of thrill, mystery, and complex family dynamics. Curious to see what we thought of the first two episodes and why we’re already hooked? Read on!

Warning: this article contains spoilers for “Untouchable” Episodes 1 and 2.

1. Jin Goo’s stunts

If you were a fan of Jin Goo in his badass “Descendants of the Sun” role, you’ll love him as Jang Jun Seo in “Untouchable.” As a detective, Jun Seo is constantly throwing himself into peril, managing to look suave in the face of every danger.

Well, suave in the face of *almost* every danger.

2. The tragedy

Jun Seo is totally head-over-heels in love with his wife Jung Hye (Kyung Soo Jin), and it’s the sweetest thing ever. Just look at that adoring face:

Of course, we know better than to get too attached to couples in an action drama, and we weren’t all that surprised when the classic K-drama Truck of Doom came for Jung Hye.

Jung Hye, we barely knew you!

Although not unexpected, her death did come sooner than we anticipated, setting a fast pace for the drama by amping up both the action and the intrigue.

3. The rapidly evolving mystery

It seems that there was more to Jung Hye’s death than meets the eye, as Jun Seo and his fellow detective Choi Jae Ho (Bae Yoo Ram) are starting to realize — especially when a woman turns up who somehow has the exact same identity as Jun Seo’s deceased wife.

In fact, all signs are pointing to Jung Hye being set up to marry Jun Seo by someone who wanted to keep an eye on him… which stirs up Jun Seo’s distrust of his family.

The mystery has just begun to unravel in these first episodes, leaving us with a lot of questions and promising plenty of thrill in the weeks to come. Why was Jun Seo’s wife spying on him? Who had her killed? And what’s up with the mysterious marking on her shoulder?

4. The cruel brother

Speaking of creepy engravings on people’s bodies, Jun Seo’s brother, Jang Gi Seo (Kim Sung Kyun), seems to have a horrible taste for this practice.

As well as some super disturbingly disgusting behavior towards women.

He’s shaping up to be quite a cold and calculating villain, and we’re eager to see what will happen when he and Jun Seo are inevitably pitted against each other.

5. The Jang brothers’ tense relationship

As cruel as Gi Seo seems to be and as certain as we are that he and Jun Seo will be enemies before long, the two brothers’ relationship is particularly intricate. If Gi Seo did play a role in the death of Jun Seo’s wife, he certainly isn’t all smiles about it.

The brothers seem to care for each other to an extent, but it will be exciting to watch this relationship change as tensions build, especially with these characters in the hands of such talented actors.

6. Jun Seo’s cryptic sister-in-law

One source of tension for the brothers will likely be Gi Seo’s wife, Gu Ja Kyung (Go Jun Hee). She only makes brief appearances this week, but her screen time is rife with meaning.

We don’t know much about this intriguing woman, but we’re curious as to why her husband’s brother should owe her an apology, and we can bet she’ll have an emotionally-fraught role to play in all this.

7. The complex family dynamics

Aside from the relationships between Jun Seo, Gi Seo, and Ja Kyung, the Jang family as a whole promises to give us some juicy schemes and power struggles. There’s Gi Seo, who wants to follow in their father’s footsteps…

Jun Seo, who gets roped into family affairs despite trying to distance himself by forging his own separate career path…

and their father, Jang Bum Ho (Park Geun Hyung) himself, whose intentions are not entirely clear.

The Jangs get more and more intriguing with each detail we learn, and we can’t wait to see how events surrounding this family — and the death of Jun Seo’s wife — will unfold as the drama picks up and brings on more mystery, scheming, and action in the coming weeks.

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