Yoo Jae Suk Jokes About “Infinite Challenge” Hiatus On “Running Man”

On the November 26 episode of “Running Man,” Yoo Jae Suk made a humorous reference to “Infinite Challenge” and the show’s unexpectedly long hiatus.

During the latest episode of the SBS variety show, the “Running Man” cast members were required to say “Challenge!” out loud before attempting a certain mission. After the producers told Yoo Jae Suk that he had failed the mission because he had forgotten to say “Challenge!” beforehand, the comedian quickly brought up his other show as an excuse for his mistake.

Referring to MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” which airs on Saturdays, Yoo Jae Suk joked that he hadn’t been able to say the word “challenge” because of his emotional turmoil over the show’s hiatus. “As you know, I’m currently unable to [film] my Saturday program,” he said, pleading with the producers to overlook his error. “I’ve lost confidence now.”

He feigned indignation as he went on, “I’m in a situation with a lot of emotional pain. Is it my fault that I’m not able to say “Challenge!” as much as I’d like?”

Fellow “Running Man” cast member Lee Kwang Soo immediately joined in, asking the producers, “Don’t you care at all about Jae Suk’s feelings?”

Unsurprisingly, the producers didn’t fall for the excuse, and the “Running Man” members were forced to reattempt the mission.

Meanwhile, “Infinite Challenge” recently ended its hiatus, airing its first new episode in 12 weeks on November 25.

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