TWICE Talks About Promoting First Studio Album And How They Feel Like Family

On November 26, TWICE held a LieV broadcast through V Live.

This is their third LieV broadcast, though the first time with all nine members. Wearing pajamas and lying on comfortable “beds,” TWICE talked about their promotions for “Likey” and their teamwork as a group.

“[‘Twicetagram’] was a special and precious album for us,” they said. “Twicetagram” was not only the group’s first studio album, but many of the members took part in the production process.

Chaeyoung said, “I think it’s an album that showed an upgraded version of TWICE’s merits. We’ve all matured and our songs have a different vibe than before. I think you were able to see our good points better.”

Sana said, “‘Likey’ was a song that all the members liked, so we were happy we could promote with it.” Dahyun added, “We got a lot of energy especially from the fans’ cheering during this promotion.”

The girl group also talked about how they felt like a family now. Jihyo said, “At first our senses of humor didn’t really match up, but now we understand each other.” Momo said, “I think we started thinking along similar lines after living together.”

Jungyeon said, “I feel our teamwork the most when the members are able to smile and respect each other even in the midst of a busy schedule. I’m grateful to our members.” Sana added, “We’re together 24 hours a day. When one member can’t join us on stage or isn’t with us for some reason, it feels strange. I’m grateful that the nine of us can promote together.”

TWICE recently wrapped up their promotions for “Likey,” for which they took home several music show wins, and earlier today announced a comeback with a repackaged album.

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