Watch: Hyeri And Jo Jung Suk Rate Their On-Screen Chemistry In Upcoming Drama “Two Cops”

Girl’s Day member Hyeri and actor Jo Jung Suk were interviewed about their upcoming drama “Two Cops” on the November 26 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV.”

“Two Cops” is a fantasy investigation drama that tells the story of a homicide detective named Cha Dong Tak (Jo Jung Suk) and an ambitious local news reporter named Song Ji An (Hyeri).

Along with his role as a homicide detective, Jo Jung Suk also has to play another character at the same time, as the soul of a con man enters his character’s body.

When asked about the hardest part of playing two characters, Jo Jung Suk answered, “The hardest part is the amount of footage. I have to film many action scenes.” The actor is currently doing all of his stunts in the drama without using a stuntman.

Hyeri added, “I watched when he was filming the action scenes and thought he was wearing a wire because he jumped up so high!”

During the interview, Jo Jung Suk showed off his impersonation of Hyeri’s aegyo (cuteness) and how he uses it to create a fun atmosphere while filming on set. Hyeri also revealed that she met with a local news reporter in order to better portray one in the drama. Jo Jung Suk praised her efforts and said, “Hyeri is really good at acting. When you watch the drama, you’ll know what I mean.”

Jo Jung Suk and Hyeri also talked about their chemistry, as “Two Cops” features a romantic comedy storyline. To rate their on-screen romance chemistry, Hyeri gave a score of 99 while Jo Jung Suk one-upped it to a perfect score of 100.

Meanwhile, “Two Cops” will premiere on November 27 at 10 p.m. KST.

Watch Hyeri and Jo Jung Suk’s fun interview below!

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