Kim So Hyun In Talks To Set Up Independent Label Under Loen Entertainment

Kim So Hyun is on her way to finding a new home!

The actress has been a free agent since leaving SidusHQ in August. Due to her excellent talents and star power, she has received love calls from several agencies.

On November 27, industry representatives reported that Kim So Hyun has selected Loen Entertainment, which offered an independent label-type arrangement. She would be signed to Loen Entertainment but work with her own independent team.

In response, a source from Loen Entertainment revealed that the contract is in talks. A representative of Kim So Hyun also commented regarding the independent label with Loen, “It is positively being considered, but it is not confirmed yet.”

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun was recently accepted to Hanyang University’s Department of Theater and Film. She is scheduled to attend 2017 MAMA in Japan on November 29.

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