Lee Yeon Hee Names Actors She Would Like To Work With In The Future

In a recent interview, Lee Yeon Hee shared which actors she would like to work with on future productions.

Two actors she named were Jo Jung Suk and Byun Yo Han. Regarding the latter, she said, “I was impressed with the movie ‘Will You Be There?‘, and I once met him at an event as a public ambassador for disabled people with director Hong Ji Young. He was very charming. I would like to act with a person like him.”

Lee Yeon Hee also mentioned veteran actresses Na Moon Hee and Go Doo Shim. She said, “I really like Na Moon Hee and Go Doo Shim. I would like to work with them.”

Meanwhile, her latest drama “The Package” came to an end and has been followed by “Untouchable,” starring Jin GooKim Sung Kyun, and Go Jun Hee, and Jung Eun Ji.

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