HyunA held a surprise V Live broadcast on November 27, where she talked about her comeback album, concept, and what fans can look forward to.

The singer revealed that she was broadcasting live during her break while filming her new MV. HyunA revealed, “The makeup for this [album] promotions is very fancy. I am planning undergo a dramatic transformation, so please come see me.”

She continued, “I prepared this album to thank fans for my 10th anniversary. I am so happy that I can see my fans one more time in 2017 and even happier that we can be together until the end of the year.”

To conclude her live broadcast, HyunA mentioned that the music style, styling, and color of the album was different than her previous track “Babe” and added, “My favorite place is the stage, so I will see you all there!”

HyunA’s “Thanx Single” titled “Lip & Hip” will be released on December 4. Check out the teasers here!

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