Watch: Stars Congratulate Kim Byung Man On His Return To “Law Of The Jungle”

Kim Byung Man is finally back on “Law of the Jungle” after his injury!

On November 28, a video was released of various celebrities congratulating Kim Byung Man on his return.

Seo Kang Joon shared that he was very shocked when he heard of Kim Byung Man’s accident and wished for his health and safety in the future. He concluded, “If the opportunity comes, I will go to ‘Law of the Jungle’ again and have a fun time.”

UEE spoke, “I am so curious to see how you are doing. I will make sure to watch the broadcast. Please don’t get hurt when you go to the jungle in the future, and don’t push yourself too hard. Please be careful. It is not possible to have ‘Law of the Jungle’ without you.”

SEVENTEEN expressed their happiness for Kim Byung Man’s return as they are huge fans. They ended, “Please give lots of love to ‘Law of the Jungle’ and Chief Byung Man, and please support SEVENTEEN a lot, as well.”

Wanna One congratulated Kim Byung Man’s return and added, “It is so amazing that you built up your body to join the jungle in just three months after getting injured.” The members also expressed their interest in joining the program and concluded by asking for love and support of Kim Byung Man and Wanna One.

BTS began with a fun jungle version of “DNA.” Jin commented, “I sincerely really like you, Chief, and am waiting for the day to be with you again. Chief, don’t get injured, always think of us a lot, and always be healthy.” He also promised, “I will visit the jungle again one day.”

Kim Byung Man will return to the program with the beginning of the Cook Islands season on December 1 at 10 p.m. KST.

Check out the full clip below: