Jo Jung Suk And Kim Sun Ho Are In A Daze In New Stills For “Two Cops”

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Two Cops” has released new stills that show Jo Jung Suk (playing Cha Dong Tak) and Kim Sun Ho (playing Gong Soo Chang) put in unexpected situations.

The previous episode had Gong Soo Chang, who was being suspected of murder, and Cha Dong Tak being ambushed by armed men and falling into a river. The new stills show Cha Dong Tak waking up in the hospital, and what he says when he wakes up is expected to be completely unexpected and catch everyone off guard.

Cha Dong Tak looks shaken, as if he doesn’t want to accept the reality in front of him, while Gong Soo Chang looks to be in a daze. The photos are enough to get viewers curious as to what will come next, including the hilarious interaction between Cha Dong Tak and the nurse (played by Park Jin Joo) who is tasked with taking care of him.

The staff of “Two Cops” stated, “Tonight’s episode will be the starting point of how Jo Jung Suk ends up with two souls sharing his body. We believe the new episode will bring big laughs and live up to expectations. Park Jin Joo, who agreed to make a special appearance to show support for her friend Lee Shi Un (playing Yongpal), is set to bring a charming and funny presence to the drama.”

The upcoming episode will air on November 28 at 10 p.m. KST. The drama’s just started, so start watching it below!

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