Taeyeon Revealed To Have Been Involved In Car Accident + SM Entertainment Releases Statement

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon was recently revealed to have been involved in a three-car rear-end collision.

In the afternoon of November 28, Taeyeon was heading from Hakdong Station in the direction of Nonhyeon Station on a three-lane road. In Lane 1, the car she was driving struck the taxi in front of her, which then struck the car in front to cause a three-car collision.

In an official statement, SM Entertainment said, “Today at 7:40 p.m. [KST] in the area of Nonhyeon-dong, while attending to personal business, Taeyeon was involved in a car accident through her own careless driving. She is very apologetic towards the other drivers and passengers and will work diligently to resolve the post-accident matters.”

The statement added, “After dealing with the traffic accident, she has returned home safely without injuries. We apologize for having caused anxiety.”

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Update: Police Releases Preliminary Statement Regarding Taeyeon’s Car Accident