6 Reasons Why “Because This Is My First Life” Is One Of The Best K-Dramas Of The Year

Now that tvN’s hit drama “Because This Is My First Life” is officially over and we can look back at the series, it’s safe to say that there wasn’t a single bad thing that can be said about it.

To put it quite simply, the drama was perfect. In every sense.

Here are 6 reasons why this drama should be on your next-to-watch list and why it’s one of the best K-dramas of 2017.

1. The main actors and their chemistry

Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min were flawless in in their portrayal as the fact-loving Nam Se Hee and naive dreamer Yoon Ji Ho. They both executed their roles perfectly, and although the script was perfect in itself, the actors who played the characters really hit it home. I really don’t think any other actors could have played these roles any better.

Although Se Hee and Ji Ho play a couple who make a deal and decide to get married by contract and not out of love, by the middle of the series, their chemistry was bursting. It’s intense and emotional and we’re here for it.

A simple scene with a cliché monologue could have come off being cheesy and overdone, but because of these two actors, we got so much depth and emotion that I have no doubt this scene is one of the best kiss scenes of the year.

My heart is bursting with butterflies. They are PERFECTION.

2. The side love stories and characters

The best part of this drama was probably that there wasn’t a second to be bored. We became equally emotionally invested in all of the characters and their stories.

First there was Soo Ji (Esom) and her relationship with Mr. Ma (Park Byung Eun).

Soo Ji’s heartbreaking inability to commit to Mr. Ma and the way she dealt with bullies and sexism at work were undeniably entertaining, and it really made us root for them. How badass was that scene where Soo Ji decided to deal with her problems face on?

Then there’s Won Seok (Kim Min Suk) and Ho Rang (Kim Ga Eun). What can we say about the pair except that they were probably one of the most relatable couples. They loved each other so much, but found it difficult to understand what the other wanted. When they cried, we cried, when they hurt, we hurt, and when they decided to be together, we cheered.

To more happy endings.

And then of course, we can’t forget the second-lead and the lovely dimples of Bok Nam (Kim Min Kyu). Were you as happy as I was to find out that he wasn’t a stalker?

3. The script

Almost every episode delivered its best in terms of thought-provoking lines that not only helped us understand the characters, but also helped bring a new perspective into their lives. These lines were usually presented in the perspective of Ji Ho. The book metaphors of “Room 19” and all of the references to other cultures and poems were all so perfect.

The writer also did a great job of bringing in the topic of certain Korean traditions that require women to live up certain “duties.” Se Hee saying that Ji Ho doesn’t have to visit his parents during the holidays because they will work her like a slave is a subtle and perfect way to bring up the question in the script: why is it that the women in Korean culture have to work so tirelessly for their in-laws?

4. The OST

Accompanying the beautiful script and chemistry of the actors was the heart-shattering OST. Almost every single song that played throughout the series meshed so well with the dialogue and tone of the drama.

Every time there was a heart-breaking moment and this song played in the background, it literally broke me:

Whenever there was a moment to be happy about and this song came on, I couldn’t help but get giddy.

5. How relatable it is

This series was full of moments that people could relate to. In almost every episode, there was a simple line or gesture from one of the characters that we couldn’t help but think, ‘that’s totally me.’

Ji Ho just trying to stay positive.


Ji Ho’s awareness of just how single she is.

Bomi’s love for food.

6. There’s an adorable cat in it

Who doesn’t love a drama with an adorable cat in it? The cat, whose name was literally “cat,” stole the hearts of many throughout the series.

SO cute.

“Cat” got the name “Woori,” which means “us” in Korean, by the end of the series. So fitting for the main leads!

If you haven’t watched “Because This Is My First Life” yet, watch episode one here:

Hey Soompiers, have you watched “Because This Is My First Life”? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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