WINNER Members Share Thoughts After Ending Of Their “Youth Over Flowers” Special

tvN’s “Youth Over Flowers” WINNER special aired its final episode on November 28.

After the finale aired, WINNER members Lee Seung Hoon, Song Mino, and Kang Seung Yoon took to Instagram to post their thoughts.

Song Mino posted a photo of the sky and wrote, “Thank you to all of the ‘Youth Over Flowers’ staff who gifted us with valuable memories. And next week we’re off to ‘Kang’s Kitchen!'”

Kang Seung Yoon uploaded a black-and-white photo of his cell phone during a V Live broadcast and wrote, “I want to say thank you to everyone who watched ‘Youth Over Flowers’ WINNER special, the staff who gifted us happy memories, our team WINNER family, and Song ‘Finger.’ I was happy while traveling and watching the show!!” He then added the hashtags, “There are still many scenes that didn’t air,” “I heard you should watch all of ‘Kang’s Kitchen,'” “‘Youth Over Flowers’ WINNER Special,” and “Fine.”

Lee Seung Hoon posted a photo of him on a bike looking at the blue sky and shared his thoughts in a long post.

He said, “Honestly, the time we spent traveling was a really meaningful time for us. I liked that we could show you our true selves while traveling. In the past, even though it was a reality [program], I would be stiff or be hyperaware that we were filming. But while filming ‘Youth Over Flowers,’ I didn’t have those concerns and felt comfortable during a fun week. Thank you to the staff for taking good care of us as if you had known us for awhile like a member of ‘New Journey to the West.’ I am really jealous of Mino who can continue to be with these great people. Thank you to Mino who created this amazing opportunity with his ‘Song Finger’ and although this did not air much, thank you to Seung Yoon for checking the navigation and talking to me so I wouldn’t get sleepy while driving long distances. Jin Woo, who became teary-eyed after every interview, thank you for giving the members strength and leading us with good energy. This became [as long] as if I was giving an acceptance speech for a solo award while writing but anyways!!! Thank you so much to everyone who watched and supported ‘Youth Over Flowers’ WINNER special. Please look forward to WINNER’s youth.”

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Kim Jin Woo was the last one and shared an amusing picture taken during their first day in Australia, still in prison outfits.

He expressed, “A result from ‘New Journey to the West,’ ‘Youth Over Flowers’ WINNer special was so fun and made me really happy. Thank you for creating such great memories for us, and while I’m not used to this kind of talk, thank you to our ‘New Journey to the West’ hyungs and noonas. You’ve worked really hard and I am really grateful. Most of all, I am thankful to our Song Mino’s ‘Song Finger’ and his endurance. To us four [WINNER members], let’s love each other forever. I love you.”

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