SF9 Wins New Artist Award At 2017 Seoul Success Awards

Boy group SF9 has been recognized for their skills and passion!

The 2017 Seoul Success Awards took place on November 27, and honored 18 people out of the 800 in attendance, in the fields of politics, economics, and culture.

The awards ceremony is a collaborative effort between the Seoul Newspaper and STV, and recognizes those in various fields for their creativity and passion that help develop the nation and society. 2017 marks the ceremony’s ninth year running, and both groups and individuals are awarded for their contributions.

Awards were given out to those in politics, fashion, food industry, payment card industry, public welfare, sports apparel, new and renewable energy, biology, and entertainment.

Veteran actor Lee Kyung Young received the Culture Award, while Seo Moon Tak was awarded the Artist Award (Singer). Nam Sang Il received the Gugak (Korean traditional music) Award, Kim Soon Young was given the Vocalist Award (Opera), while musical actor Kai was recognized with the Musical Award as well.

Notably, alongside these big names, boy idol group SF9 took home the New Artist Award (Singer), receiving praise for their charismatic vocal talents.

Congratulations to SF9!

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