“Witch’s Court” CP Praises Jung Ryeo Won’s Ability To Develop Drama Characters

On November 28, chief producer Ji Byung Hyun of the KBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Witch’s Court” held an interview on the drama’s successful run.

The drama initially began its run with the lowest ratings compared to other dramas that were airing in the same time slot. However, it eventually achieved first place in its time slot and concluded with its highest ratings ever.

Ji Byung Hyun stated, “I feel satisfied now that the drama has ended. I’m happy that the results of the drama were good.” He attributed the drama’s success to the script, directing, but most of all to the actors, and highly praised lead actress Jung Ryeo Won.

He explained, “Jung Ryeo Won is an actress who brings her fellow actors’ strengths to life, and brings a cheerful energy on set. For instance, she created the character of Chief Gu. Chief Gu is originally a very comic character, but Jung Ryeo Won really enjoyed the character’s grumbling and nagging, and suggested, ‘Let’s continue with this.’ When she worked with Yoon Hyun Min, she also picked out his character’s strengths and suggested they highlight them.”

He continued, “I think Jung Ryeo Won was able to find her own strengths through this drama. I believe she will have gained more confidence in herself and her acting. Ma Yi Deum was a good experience for her acting career. She’s an actress worthy of the ‘Actress of the Year’ award.”

Ji Byung Hyun also praised Yoon Hyun Min and stated, “He’s an incredibly sincere actor. He always brought his script with him and continuously discussed things. Because he’s so polite it made everyone want to treat him even better. When the production crew was tired he was the one who gave us strength.”

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