Watch: Cherry B Makes Debut With MV For “Her” With Lyrics Written By IU

A young new solo artist has taken her first step into the industry!

On November 29 at 6 p.m. KST, Cherry B released her debut single.

“Her” is an R&B ballad track composed by producer Lee Jong Hoon with Cherry B and lyricized by IU.

IU took to her Instagram to talk about her first experience writing lyrics for someone else’s song. She wrote, “I really like writing lyrics, but I still feel cautious about writing lyrics for another singer’s song, so I always pushed it off until the next time. [One day,] I visited the studio of songwriter Lee Jong Hoon and listened to the English guide. First of all, the song was good, and the singer’s voice was so good.. so I ended up giving lyrics to a different singer for the first time.”

She concluded by praising Cherry B for her hard work and excellent vocals.

가사 쓰는 걸 아주 좋아하긴 하지만 다른 가수분의 곡을 작사하는 건 저에겐 아직 조심스러워 늘 다음으로 다음으로 미루던 일이었는데 이종훈 작곡가의 작업실에 놀러 갔다가 이 곡의 영어 가이드를 듣고는 우선 곡이 좋아서, 그리고 가창자의 목소리가 너무 좋아서.. 처음으로 다른 가수분에게 가사를 드리게 됐습니다. 아직 굉장히 어리기도 하고 또 데뷔곡이라 경험이 많지 않음에도 불구하고 한 줄 한 줄 이해하려 부단히 노력해주고, 결국 온전히 자기 말로 만들어낸 #CherryB 고마워요! 노래 참 잘해요? 이렇게 듣자마자 매력을 느낀 목소리 정말 오랜만었어요. 즐거운 작업이었고 나도 응원할게요? #그의그대

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Check out Cherry B’s “Her” below: