Yoo Seung Ho Shows Depth Of His Emoting During A Single Phone Call In “I Am Not A Robot” Stills

With just about a week left until its premiere, MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “I Am Not a Robot” has given another curious look at lead Yoo Seung Ho in character.

The romantic comedy follows the story of Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho), who is seemingly perfect with his looks, wealth and skills, but is “allergic to humans.” He falls in love with what he thinks is a humanoid robot, but is actually a girl pretending to be an android (Chae Soo Bin).

In the latest stills, Yoo Seung Ho goes through a myriad of emotions while answering a phone call. While he happily answered the call initially, he appears increasingly saddened and disappointed by whatever he hears as time passes. His expressions leave many wondering who and what would evoke such reactions.

The production team commented, “Actor Yoo Seung Ho really has an infinite number of attractive points. The charm he has and his unique character combined create a tremendous synergy.” Notably, this drama will also mark Yoo Seung Ho’s first romantic comedy.

“I Am Not a Robot” is set to premiere on December 6. Check out the trailer!

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