Watch: GOT7’s JB Tries Out Double Eyelids + BamBam Takes Bottle Flipping To The Next Level

In the latest episode of Mnet’s “IDOLity,” GOT7 spared no effort in fulfilling fans’ requests!

First, a fan wanted to know whether Youngjae, who is famous for his impressively large mouth, was capable of fitting a round cookie into his mouth vertically. Although Youngjae’s mouth is indeed quite large, the cookie proved too big for him—he could only squeeze it in diagonally.

However, to everyone’s surprise, JB had no problem fitting the cookie into his mouth vertically.

Youngjae’s ordeals didn’t end there—he was also asked to demonstrate some of the exercises that he’s been doing recently to define his abs. While Youngjae was holding a plank position, BamBam suddenly asked his permission to try flipping a water bottle and make it land upright onto his back. After all the members had repeatedly tried—and failed—to successfully land a water bottle on the unfortunate Youngjae, BamBam finally managed to pull off the feat.

Next up was JB, who was given the opportunity to show off his makeup skills using one of his fellow members as a model. Although all six members protested feverishly, JB ultimately chose Yugyeom as his canvas of choice.

As it turns out, GOT7 may be better off leaving their makeup to their makeup artists.

Later on, JB continued with his exploration of his face by satisfying the curiosity of a fan who wanted to know what he’d look like with double eyelids. With the help of his makeup artist, JB used tape to create fake double eyelids.

JB was not a fan of his new look, insisting repeatedly that he felt weird and didn’t think it looked right.

Finally, the GOT7 members were given a little downtime—their last mission was to find out how quickly they could all fall asleep.

Unfortunately, the dark atmosphere of the set made it hard for the youngest members to fall asleep right away. Although Jackson and some of the other members passed out immediately, BamBam and Yugyeom were initially too scared to feel sleepy. The two worried that there might be a horror-themed prank lying in wait, and they kept looking off to the sides to see if there was anyone waiting in the wings to scare them.

In the end, however, their exhaustion won, and all the members fell asleep within five minutes.

Watch the full episode below!

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