Chae Soo Bin And Uhm Ki Joon Are All Smiles In New “I Am Not A Robot” Stills

Chae Soo Bin and Uhm Ki Joon, who play the main characters in “I Am Not a Robot” alongside Yoo Seung Ho, are raising expectations with their sweet chemistry.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “I Am Not a Robot” has released stills showcasing Chae Soo Bin and Uhm Ki Joon’s explosive chemistry ahead of its December 6 premiere.

In this production, Chae Soo Bin will take on the challenge of playing two roles as the world’s best humanoid robot ‘Ah Ji 3’ and the energetic, young entrepreneur Jo Ji Ah, and will show a new side to her acting.

Uhm Ki Joon plays the genius robotics engineering professor Hong Baek Gyun, who is also Ji Ah’s ex-boyfriend. Uhm Ki Joon has proven his ability to take on a wide spectrum of acting roles through his work in various dramas, movies, and musicals, and is now taking on a romantic comedy through “I Am Not a Robot.” Viewers are interested to see what kind of acting transformations Chae Soo Bin and Uhm Ki Joon will show through “I Am Not a Robot.”

The released stills display the great chemistry between the two actors. The images show the main characters sharing smiles with one another. In one photo, Chae Soo Bin smiles brightly as she shows off her lovable expressions. Another photo captures Uhm Ki Joon gazing affectionately in the direction of Chae Soo Bin. Uhm Ki Joon’s smile at the lovely Chae Soo Bin solidifies their sweet chemistry as a couple.

Despite their upcoming drama being the first time working together, the two actors have reportedly become close like two people who have known each other for a long time. Chae Soo Bin and Uhm Ki Joon have been discussing their characters together during breaks in filming, developing a great bond and increasing anticipation for their chemistry on screen.

The stills preview the perfect chemistry between the two actors, heightening expectations for the drama. Viewers are already looking forward to the interesting acting Chae Soo Bin and Uhm Ki Joon will deliver through “I Am Not a Robot.”

“I Am Not a Robot” tells the love story between a man who has never dated due to his allergy to humans and a woman who pretends to be a robot. The drama is being directed by the same producing director behind “She Was Pretty,” and is written by the writers of “Shine or Go Crazy.”

The drama has been garnering a lot of interest for covering the topic of robots with a romantic comedy twist. “I Am Not a Robot” will air its first episode on Wednesday, December 6.

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