If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: Best Dad Jokes From BTS’s Jin

Suga is not amused. 

Can a good dad joke really exist in this world? BTS’s Jin seems to think so! Dad jokes (or “ahjae gags” in Korean) are as much of a trademark of Jin’s as his windshield wiper laugh right as he delivers the punchline!

Check out our list of the “best” dad jokes from Jin below!

The queen of the ducks stood up. What does that mean?

Queen Seondeok! (0:34) In Korean, the title goes after a name, so it’s “Seondeok Queen.” Taken syllable by syllable, it sounds like “standing (seon) duck (deok) queen.”

(0:12) It is a play on the word “bubble.” The word “believable” sounds like “bubble” when pronounced with a Korean accent. So in a way, he’s saying that the show is unbelievable!

(1:16) This gag is a a play on the phrase “to be happy.” When pronounced in Korean, the phrase “to be happy” can also sound like “to avoid the sun.”

When God has a child, the child is called?

A newborn baby!

(1:06) “Gatnan ahee” is the word for a newborn baby, but taking each syllable separately, it can mean “a child (ahee) born (nan) of God (Gat)” or “God (Gat) borne (nan) a child (ahee).”

(around 0:37) This joke is a play on the word for “gong (jing).” The English word “amazing” tends to be pronounced “amaJING” in Korean.

(around 1:49) Taken as a whole, it’s the word “water rocket,” but taken separately, it can mean “water (mul) cat.”

Why does ramyun hate going to France?

Because they all use French!

(around 17:33) The phrase “Because they all use French” also sounds like the phrase “Because they all got soggy.” (The water rocket/cat and God’s child jokes seem like Jin’s favorite! He reuses them here.)

Do you know why superheroes wear tight-fitted clothes?

Because it’s crucial to save people! (Explanation is in the video around the 0:38 mark.)

(0:19) Why is there Beijing, Nanjing, and Dongjing (Tokyo), but no Xi-Jing? Because Tripitaka took it! (Explanation is in the video around the 0:28 mark.)

Someone stop this man before he becomes too powerful and learns English dad jokes too.

If you eat duck raw (or duck sashimi), what is it called?

(0:57) A tornado! The Korean word for tornado is “Hoeori.” The syllables taken separately sound like duck (ori) sashimi (hoe).

(1:57) This sea lobster told me to go see (sea) the lobster. The Korean word for sea lobster “Badagaje” sounds like the phrase “let’s go to the sea.”

What did the dog say to the wall?


“Wolwol” is the Korean onomatopoeia sound for a dog barking, and it sounds like the English word “wall.”

What do you call a cow that climbs upstairs?


Taken separately, the Korean word for goosebumps “sohreum” can sound like “cow (so) ascending (ohreum).”

(0:48) How does a cow laugh? Moo ha ha ha!

What is it called when a cow sings?

 The full word “Sosong” means lawsuit; taken syllable by syllable it can mean a Konglish word: “Cow (so) Song (the English word).”

Bonus: Suga’s dad joke

“Bimangwali” is the word for obesity care, but taken separately, it can mean “Bi (rain) man (only) gwali (care),” or “Only takes care of Rain.”

If you can’t beat ’em, might as well join ’em!

Hey Soompiers! On a scale of Suga’s not amused face to Jimin’s “It’s so funny, I disappear from the screen,” what was your reaction to Jin’s dad jokes? Let us know in the comments below! 

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