EXO Wins Album Of The Year For Record-Breaking 5th Year In A Row At 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)

EXO has been awarded Album of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) once again!

Since 2013, the group has received this daesang (grand prize) for five consecutive years. This year’s award marks the group’s 22nd daesang overall, and their sixth MAMA daesang. This also means that they have broken their own Guinness World Record of having won the most daesangs at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

In 2017, EXO released their fourth full-length album “The War,” which sold over a million copies in just 24 days of its release, and broke the records for first week sales and stock pre-orders at the time. After wrapping up their third concert tour at Jamsil Stadium in May, they recently began their fourth concert tour in November.

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Suho expressed, “We have been able to receive such a big award at MAMA for the fifth time in a row this year. I want to sincerely thank MAMA. Thank you to Lee Soo Man, our SM family, our seniors in SM like Super Junior, our managers, and our staff members. Also, the reason we are able to stand here is truly because our EXO-Ls exist, our EXO-Ls who love EXO…We always cannot believe it whenever we set new records like ‘5th consecutive year’ or ‘[quadruple] million-seller,’ but I believe it’s because we have our EXO-Ls that we are able to see such results. ‘When you feel tired one day, remember how beautiful we were.’ It’s a line from our song ‘Power,’ but we will continue to make music and stand on stage so that everyone who loves EXO will never feel disheartened. We will become [a group] who does not bring shame to this award. Please look forward to EXO’s path from now on. We are one! EXO, let’s love!”

Baekhyun commented, “EXO-Ls, don’t cry! We have received a big award, so don’t cry!,” while Xiumin said, “First of all, thank you. EXO was able to write a new piece of history again by receiving this award. Thanks to EXO-Ls, we have not yet [finished writing] EXO’s history, and are still continuing on. Thank you very much to our EXO-Ls who built us and helped us rise up to this point. I love you!”

Kai simply expressed his love for their fans, and D.O. stated, “To our parents, we love you. Thank you to our EXO-Ls, and we love you. Also, thank you to my members. We will always strive to be a well-mannered group.”

“I’m so grateful to our EXO-Ls. While watching today’s ceremony, one thought really resonated in my heart. Everyone, there is no competition in music. Please continue to love us, and love K-pop. Eries, I love you!,” Chen continued. Sehun added, “I’m so happy to be able to see everyone here in Hong Kong, and I’m very happy to receive such a huge award. Thank you to everyone. There’s really nothing else to say other than thank you.”

Chanyeol tearfully said, “After we received this award at last year’s MAMA, all of the members together talked about how we wanted to do really well this year…I just kept remembering that time. I think this past year has been such a precious year for EXO, so I want to thank everyone. I’m grateful to my members, and want to express my gratitude for EXO-Ls as well.”

Watch their win below!

Congratulations to EXO!

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