Watch: “The Unit” Male Contestants Perform Covers Of Popular K-Pop Songs + Final Winning Teams Revealed

After the girls completed their “restart” mission last week by performing covers of popular K-pop girl group songs, the December 2 episode of “The Unit” episode showcased the boys.

For the mission, the participants split into teams of nine members each with the choice of seven songs of varying concepts. According to the mentors, the winning team would receive immunity from the first round of elimination and also get the chance to perform together with Rain. The first and last place rankings within each group were revealed immediately after the performances.

The Orange Team, which many teams regarded as strong competition, performed EXO’s “Monster” and lit up the stage. The Orange team consisted of B.I.G’s Gunmin, HOTSHOT’s Kim Timoteo, Boyfriend’s Donghyun, BIGSTAR’s Raehwan, 100%’s Rockhyun, MADTOWN’s Lee Geon, IMFACT’s Jeup, A.C.E’s Jun, and Ji Hansol.

Donghyun took first place on the team with 222 votes, while A.C.E’s Jun took ninth place with 139.

The Yellow Team, who received a scolding from Rain in the middle of choreography evaluations, put on an excellent performance in the end of SHINee’s “Juliet.” The Yellow Team consisted of HOTSHOT’s Hojung, IM’s Kijoong, MAS’s Dongmyeong, BIGFLO’s Lex, H.B.Y’s Marco, BIGSTAR’s Sunghak, MVP’s Jin, MYNAME’s Chaejin, and ToppDogg’s Hojoon.

Kijoong took first place with 176 votes, while Hojoon took ninth place with 99.

The White Team, who received an encouragement from Rain to put their own spin on the music during their practices, performed BTS’s “Fire.” The White Team consisted of Boys Republic’s Sungjun and Suwoong, IMFACT’s Ungjae, A.cian’s Jungsang, BIGSTAR’s Jude, MYNAME’s JunQ, IM’s Taeeun, IMFACT’s Taeho, and IM’s Hangyul.

Suwoong took first place with 246 votes, while Jude came in ninth with 95.

The Green Team brought out their wild sides in a cover performance of 2PM’s “Heartbeat.” The Green Team consisted of MYNAME’s Gunwoo, SNUPER’s Sangil, Seongho, SNUPER’s Sebin, MYNAME’s Seyong, BIGFLO’s Euijin, BEATWIN’s Jungha, Cross Gene’s Casper, and 100%’s Hyukjin.

Seyong came in first place with 220 votes, while Seongho came in ninth with 87.

The Red Team put on a high-quality performance of Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man,” although most of the members had never heard the song before they covered it. The Red Team consisted of MVP’s Rayoon, Boys Republic’s OneJunn, Lee Jung Ha, Lim Jun Hyeok, U-KISS’s Jun, A.cian’s Jin.O, A.C.E’s Chan, MVP’s P.K, and MAS’s Harin.

U-KISS’s Jun took first place with 224 votes, while Harin took ninth place with 65.

The Black Team received a lot of praise for their excellent teamwork in their cover of SEVENTEEN’s “Boom Boom.” The Black Team consisted of TopSecret’s Kyeongha, IM’s Giseok, MADTOWN’s Daewon, ToppDogg’s B-Joo, A-JAX’s Seungjin and Junghee, IMFACT’s Jian, BIGSTAR’s Feeldog, and B.I.G’s Heedo.

Feeldog took first place with 241 votes, while Jian took ninth place with 78.

Finally the Blue Team, despite some delays in perfecting their choreography, put on a memorable performance of Block B’s “Her.” The Blue Team consisted of MAS’s Kanghyun, Sejun, SNUPER’s Suhyun, MAS’s Yonghoon, TopSecret’s Junghoon, Z-UK, H.B.Y’s Taro, Kanto, and MAS’s Cya.

Kanto took first place with 214 votes, while Kanghyun took ninth with 84.

At the end, the overall results for both male and female teams were announced, with the Green Team winning for the girls and the Orange Team for the boys.

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Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article mistakenly contained only five unit performances instead of the full seven. 

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