3 Scenes From “Oh, The Mysterious” That Kept Us On Our Toes

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Oh, the Mysterious” has been grabbing the attention of viewers through their intense telling of a wrongfully charged death row inmate who becomes a fake detective. Previous episodes followed Kim Jong Sam, played by Yoon Kyun Sang, as he made his daring escape from jail. Here are three goosebump-filled scenes that kept our eyes glued to the screen.

1. The root of the problem, stealing a body

After the release of attempted rapist Song Gil Choon (played by Yoon Na Moo), the death of Ddak Ji’s (played by Jeon Sung Woo) younger sister, who was like a real sister to Kim Jong Sam (Yoon Kyun Sang), is forewarned. This leads to Kim Jong Sam ultimately deciding to break out from prison. As soon as he escapes, he stumbles upon two suspicious men collecting a body. After being chased by them, he runs away using their car, which has a body in the trunk. This is Jong Sam’s first moment of danger, and is also the moment that leads to all other subsequent problems.

2. When his identity is almost discovered

The body that Kim Jong Sam accidentally stole was that of detective Oh Il Seung, whose identity he decides to take. Becoming a fake detective, he is able to team up with real detective Jin Jin Young (played by Jung Hye Sung) to save Ddak Ji’s younger sister. However, when he discovers a victim trapped in a water tank on a roof in the middle of a case, he charges into the scene and drops his ID. Jin Jin Young, who had her suspicions on her partner’s identity, picks up the ID and sees that the face pictured is not his, and asks him, “Who are you?” It is a moment in which his identity almost gets revealed, and because of this, Jin Jin Young ends up looking up his fingerprint from his gun.

3. Death row inmate Kim Jong Sam becomes fake detective Oh Il Seung

Eventually, Kim Jong Sam decides to let the police know of the body that he accidentally stole. He asks his friend Ddak Ji, who is to be released from prison, to tell Jin Jin Young the location of Oh Il Seung’s body. After safely moving Oh Il Seung’s body, he returns to his room in prison, but is attacked by someone and passes out. Upon awakening, he finds himself laying where he had put Oh Il Seung’s body, holding Oh Il Seung’s ID with the photo replaced with one of his own, surrounded by Jin Jin Young and the other detectives.

Many viewers are looking forward to developments in future episodes as Kim Jong Sam takes on the duties of a detective, discovers the truth behind the identity switch, and overcomes even more danger. “Oh, the Mysterious” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, watch the latest episode below!

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