Watch: Upcoming “Master Key” Cast Members Give Their Best Arguments On Why They’re Angels

On December 7, SBS variety show “Master Key” released self-cams of Wanna One’s Yoon Ji Sung, Chungha, and SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan.

“Master Key” has an “angel” and “devil” each week. If the angel wins, the angel and everyone that votes for the angel receives gold keys. If anyone else wins, only that person wins gold, so everyone tries to convince each other that they are angels.

In the newly released clip, Chungha, Seungkwan, and Yoon Ji Sung attempt their best explanations at why they are angels.

Chungha simply explains, “It is obvious if I am lying, so I am the angel.”

Seungkwan goes for a more unique approach. He mentions that his member Jeonghan’s birthday is October 4. The number 1004 is pronounced as “cheonsa” in Korean, which is also the word for angel. “I am closest with that member, so I am the angel.” He then expresses his wish for Jeonghan to be on the show, as well.

Yoon Ji Sung insists, “As far as I’m aware, I was invited to be on the show specifically because they needed someone to play the angel role. I came on the show to play the angel role, so I am the angel! If you believe me and vote, I will give gold to you all.” He adds, “The weather is cold, so take home three gold keys each and eat a steamed bun.”

Chungha, Seungkwan, and Yoon Ji Sung’s appearance on “Master Key” will air on December 9 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

Check out their humorous self-cams below:

Watch the latest episode of “Master Key” below:

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