The first eliminations for “The Unit” aired during the December 9 broadcast of “The Unit.”

35 contestants—17 females and 18 males—in total were eliminated, based on the current rankings. Some were saved from elimination depending on the results of last week’s missions. As singer I already withdrew to her health, 35 instead of 36 contestants were sent home.

During the episode, the leaders of each mission group were given an envelope, and had to announce which contestants would no longer continue with the program. While some leaders thankfully received a piece of paper that said, “There are no eliminated contestants [in your group],” others weren’t so lucky.

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The eliminated female contestants are (in ranked order):

Soya, ACEMAX-RED’s Lena, Brave Girls’s Eunji, GOOD DAY’s Genie, Han Seo In, Baby Boo’s Dabin, Matilda’s Saebyeol, ACEMAX-RED’s Bomi, LipBubble’s Hanbi, S2’s Yujeong, S.I.S’s Sebin, Apple.B’s Sandy, GOOD DAY’s Chaesol, Apple.B’s Yuji, LipBubble’s Eunbyeol, S.E.T’s TaeE, and S2’s Chaewon.

The eliminated male contestants are (in ranked order):

SNUPER’s Sebin, TopSecret’s Kyeongha, A.cian’s Jin.O, IMFACT’s Jian, A-JAX’s Junghee, Sejun, H.B.Y’s Taro, BIGSTAR’s Jude, MAS’s Harin, MVP’s P.K, Z-UK, Boys Republic’s OneJunn, Seongho, MAS’s Yonghoon, MAS’s Cya, MAS’s Kanghyun, MVP’s Jin, and TopSecret’s Junghoon.

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“The Unit” also announced the current standings of the remaining participants through their website as well as at the end of the episode.

The current top 9 female contestants are:

1. Yang Jiwon
2. SONAMOO’s Euijin
3. DIA’s Yebin
4. NC.A
5. Euna Kim
6. Dal Shabet’s Woohee
7. Lee Hyun Joo
8. H.U.B.’s Hyosun
9. Lee Suji

The rest of the female contestants are ranked as followed:

10. Jiwon
11. Somyi
12. Yujeong (LABOUM)
13. ZN
14. Yoonjo
15. Yeoeun
16. Shin Ji Hoon
17. Lee Bo Lim
18. Haein
19. Lucky
20. JOO
21. Seol Ha Yoon
22. Nari
23. DanA
24. Yoomin
25. Hyeyeon
26. Yujeong (Brave Girls)
27. Mint
28. Anne
29. Lee Ju Hyun
30. Kwon Ha Seo
31. Chahee
32. Serri
33. Yena
34. Kang Min Hee
35. Gaeul
36. Janey
37. Han Areum
38. Kim
39. Heejin
40. Viva
41. Park Ji Won
42. Semmi
51. Yeseul*
52. Haena*
61. EunE*

*These contestants were exempt from elimination based on last week’s mission results.

The current top 9 male contestants are:

1. HOTSHOT’s Timoteo
2. U-KISS’s Jun
3. Boyfriend’s Donghyun
4. BIGSTAR’s Feeldog
5. HOTSHOT’s Hojung
6. IM’s Kijoong
7. Ji Hansol
8. MADTOWN’s Daewon
9. BIGFLO’s Euijin

The rest of the male contestants are ranked as followed:

10. Jeup
11. Rockhyun
12. Kanto
13. Seyong
14. Marco
15. Lee Jung Ha
16. Dongmyeong
17. JunQ
18. Suwoong
19. Ungjae
20. Raehwan
21. Hyukjin
22. Lee Geon
23. Giseok
24. Gunmin
25. Jun (A.C.E)
26. Chan
27. Chaejin
28. Hangyul
29. Gunwoo
30. B-Joo
31. Hojoon
32. Jungsang
33. Rayoon
34. Lim Jun Hyeok
35. Heedo
36. Sungjun
37. Casper
38. Seungjin
39. Sangil
40. Taeeun
41. Jungha
42. Taeho
43. Suhyun
44. Sunghak
45. Lex

“The Unit” participants also received their third mission during this broadcast, and were tasked with “self-producing.” They will have to select and arrange their own music, as well as design their wardrobe, concept, and choreography. The mentors personally had a hand in how the mission groups were formed this time.

The winning teams of this mission will be given the opportunity to be promotional models for an online game.

See this week’s episode in its entirety below!

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