“MIXNINE” Reveals 71 Eliminated Contestants And Current Top 9

On December 10, JTBC’s “MIXNINE” eliminated the first 71 contestants.

The results are based on the overall ranking of all 170 contestants without having a separate ranking for each gender. The scores are based on a combination of online votes, showcase and position battle votes, and showcase and position battle benefits.

The eliminated contestants per position battle performance are as follows:


BTOB “It’s Okay”: Kim Seung Min (Mystic Entertainment)

One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful”: Kim Young Jin (The Jackie Chan Group Korea), Kim Dong Hyun (NH Media), Cho Han Kook (NH Media), Kim Sang Yeon (FM Entertainment), Jeong Seung Bo (Jungle Entertainment), Son Jun Hyung (Maroo Entertainment), Kim Sang Jin (Music Works Entertainment)

Block B “Very Good”: Jung Woo Young (KQ Entertainment), Han Jong Yeon (Maroo Entertainment), Manny (Jungle Entertainment)

Jason Derulo “Kiss the Sky”: Kim Han Gyeol (IME Korea), Lee Chang Sun (Choeun Entertainment)

Song Mino and Zico “Okey Dokey”: Shin Joong Min (FM Entertainment), Moon Young Seo (Luce Entertainment), Song Min Gi (KQ Entertainment)

Epik High “Born Hater”: Kim Jae Oh (Chrome Entertainment)

K.Will “Day 1”: Kim Seong Yeon (IME Korea), Jung Sung Chul (Urbane Music)

TVXQ “Love in the Ice”: None

2PM “My House”: None


2NE1 “It Hurts”: Moon Seung You (START Entertainment), Hwang Woo Lim (Coridel Entertainment), Jo You Ri (RBW), Lee Seung Mee (MAJOR9), Kim Soo Yeon (TAJOY Entertainment)

Nicki Minaj “Starships”: Ogawa Mizuki (Individual Trainee), Park Ji Woo (START Entertainment), Jung Ye Eun (Yama & Hotchicks Entertainment), Han Byeol (Yama & Hotchicks Entertainment), Sekioka Rena (Star Road Entertainment), Yoo Ha Jung (Polaris Entertainment), Jang Eun Seong (RBW), Lee Bom (Roots Entertainment), Park Eun Jo (IME Korea)

Ailee “Singing Got Better”: Song Ji Eun (Double V Entertainment), Chon Ye Im (A100 Entertainment), Yeo In Hye (CS Entertainment), Choi Soo Jung (Mostable Music), Hong Joo Hyun (Choon Entertainment)

BLACKPINK “Boombayah”: Kim Sung Eun (RBW), Park Ga Eun (The Entertainment Pascal), Lee Su Hyun (MAJOR9), Choi Ji Seon (DK Entertainment), Bang Ye Sol (ONO Entertainment), Kim Hee Su (ELEVEN9 Entertainment), An Han Byul (IME Korea)

Ariana Grande “Greedy”: Seo Yu Ri (JTG Entertainment), Lee Ye Eun (Roots Entertainment), Lee Yeo Reum (Roots Entertainment), Ahn Da Bee (Maroo Entertainment)

TWICE “Knock Knock”: Kim Chae Hyun (Maroo Entertainment), Baek Hye Jin (Jungle Entertainment), Jeon Yu Jin (Roots Entertainment), Jung You Jung (Individual Trainee), Baek Min Seo (FAVE Entertainment), Park So Eun (FAVE Entertainment)

AOA Jimin “Puss”: Kwak Hee O (Jungle Entertainment), Seo Ji Heun (RBW), Jung Da Sol (JD Entertainment), Han Gyeo Ul (ProBeat Company)

Cheetah “My Number”: Shin Su Hyun (FAVE Entertainment), Lim Ji Hye (Yama & Hotchicks Entertainment), Park Cho Hyeon (Yama & Hotchicks Entertainment)

Taeyeon “Rain”: Hur Young Joo (Mole Entertainment), Paik Da Ae (Mostable Music), Mun Eun Jin (Illusion Entertainment), Kim Ju Yeon (IME Korea), Lee Ye Sol (RBW)

53 male and 46 female contestants remain for a total of 99 contestants.

These are the current top 9 for each gender:


  1. Woo Jin Young (Happyface Entertainment)
  2. Kim Hyo Jin (WM Entertainment)
  3. Kim Byeong Kwan (Beat Interactive)
  4. Lee Seung Jun (WM Entertainment)
  5. Kim Min Seok (WM Entertainment)
  6. Lee Gun Min (RBW)
  7. Woo Tae Woon (Million Market)
  8. Choi Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment)
  9. Song Han Gyeom (Staro Entertainment)


  1. Shin Ryu Jin (JYP Entertainment)
  2. Lee Soo Min (FAVE Entertainment)
  3. Kim So Ri (Mole Entertainment)
  4. Choi Moon Hee (Maroo Entertainment)
  5. Jeon Hee Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
  6. Baek Hyeon Joo (Yama & Hotchicks Entertainment)
  7. Kim Hyun Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
  8. Lee Soo Jin (FAVE Entertainment)
  9. Lee Hyang Sook (SidusHQ)
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