Update: NCT Dream Snuggles Up With Bunnies For A Christmas Nap In Teaser For SM STATION “Joy” MV

Updated December 14 KST:

NCT Dream has shared a look at their sweet and festive upcoming SM STATION song “Joy”!

Watch their new teaser here:

Updated December 13 KST:

More NCT Dream teasers have been unveiled for the upcoming SM STATION release!

Check them out below:

Updated December 12 KST:

More teasers have been released for NCT Dream’s upcoming SM STATION release!

Check out videos of Renjun and Chenle and individual photos of the members below:

Updated December 11 KST:

NCT Dream has released a batch of individual photos and a couple of interesting teaser clips for their upcoming SM STATION song!

In the videos, members Mark and Jisung are interviewed about Christmas, but don’t say appear to say much before getting cut off. Mark says, “Christmas is kind of—, when I think about it—, it’s the same for—, it’s hard to say because personally, even when I was young—.” Jisung only gets as far as, “December 25,” before he breaks out into laughter.

Original Article:

Just before midnight on December 10 KST, SM Entertainment announced an exciting project for NCT Dream!

According to the SMTown Global Twitter account, NCT Dream will be releasing a Christmas song through SM Station on December 15 at 6 p.m. KST. The theme of the release seems to be centered around “Joy.”

Prior to the release will feature something called “Dream Kits” and the release of the music video teaser on December 14.

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