Jung Ryeo Won Opens Up About The Effort She Put Into “Witch’s Court”

Jung Ryeo Won recently sat down for an interview and discussed her latest drama “Witch’s Court,” which ended in November.

In the drama, she played a skilled and tough prosecutor named Ma Yi Deum who is part of a special task force against sexual assault crimes.

Jung Ryeo Won confessed she had been skeptical about doing a good job before she started to film her drama. Despite her worries, she had flawlessly portrayed her character, even earning praise from the chief producer himself. She added, “I was able to act as a character that I really wanted to try, and the viewers’ reaction was positive, so that was the frosting on the cake.”

Jung Ryeo Won also talked about “going for broke,” meaning she gave all into this drama. She explained, “Recently I wondered if I could keep being an actress. I wondered if I wasn’t being forgotten as I was aging, and I was uneasy that someone was taking my place. Dramas and shows are going faster than before, you know? While that was happening, I kept falling back. I appeared on ‘Witch’s Court’ with the mentality that I couldn’t go back.”

The actress admitted she was frightened about playing a prosecutor. The lines were hard, and she was nervous about immersing into her character. She thought people would laugh at her if she spoke legal jargon and became terrified of cameras that she should’ve been used to, especially after debuting in the year 2000. Jung Ryeo Won confessed, “I thought about running away more than a couple times.”

Despite her obstacles, she picked herself up with the mentality of, “If it rains, don’t forcefully try to avoid it, but rather just get rained on,” which made her feel more at ease. Thanks to her co-stars and production crew, she was able to act comfortably, and she became more confident in the middle of the filming. She also naturally received a positive reaction from the viewers.

Jung Ryeo Won said, “I feel like I put one year’s worth of energy into the three months of filming.” She also revealed she plans to spend the rest of December with her close friends and wishes to receive the Popularity Award at an awards ceremony at the end of the year. When asked why, she responded, “The Popularity Award is given by the viewers and not the judges. I want to receive the popularity award, not for actress Jung Ryeo Won, but for the character Ma Yi Deum.”

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