7 MVs Featuring f(x)’s Amber That Give Us Life

Amber Josephine Liu is one of SM Entertainment’s most outstanding hidden gems. Ever since her debut in late 2009, the rapper and singer-songwriter has been blowing us away as she showcases her impressive talent as an idol and an artist.

On top of this, Amber doesn’t shy away from being her adorable, dorky, and genuine self throughout both her music and her daily life.

Known for her active involvement in composing and arranging the music of her solo releases and collaborations, here are seven music videos featuring f(x)’s Amber that give us life!

1. “Beautiful”

With Amber’s childhood photographs serving as background, the music video beautifully tells the story of her struggles as she endured hardships and pain in order to bring her dreams to life.

2. “Shake That Brass” feat. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

This lead single is a major celebratory release; many idols made a special cameo where they joined Amber and Taeyeon in the brass madness and got into the party mode.

3. “Borders”

As she co-directed the MV for the first single of her “Crossing” series, the rapper sent a heartfelt letter encouraging people to think outside the box and to stay true to themselves no matter what hurdles cross their path.

4. “On My Own” feat. Gen Neo

Amber took full credits for directing her first music video while collaborating with Gen Neo on this pop ballad in both English and Korean.

The soulful vocalist expressed her thoughts of surviving on her own despite coming across moments of weakness in her life.

Listen to the English version:

5. “Need To Feel Needed”

Amber’s directing skills strike again! In this joyful clip alongside her friends, the artist is seen having all sorts of fun while narrating what it feels like to fall in love and wholeheartedly surrender to said feelings.

6.”Breathe Again” feat. KSUKE

For this dance/electronic track, Amber teamed up with Japanese DJ KSUKE as they both featured in the funky half-animated music video down below.

7. “Fantasy” with SUPERFRUIT

The versatile idol joined SUPERFRUIT’s musical duo Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying in their latest colorful release “Fantasy,” where she performed her own written verse and lent her voice to the chorus towards the end of the song.

Bonus: f(x) – “All Mine”

The skillful artist took her directing game to the next level as she fully took charge in the making and editing of the music video that regroups individual shots of her and her fellow f(x) members in a cheerful atmosphere.

Which MV featuring f(x)’s Amber is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.