Announcer Kim So Young Hilariously Reacts To Someone Talking About Their Age As BTS Fan

Announcer Kim So Young, who previously proved her status as an ARMY, couldn’t help but laugh hilariously at a fan talking about their age as a BTS fan.

On December 15, the announcer took a screenshot of a question from a portal site and uploaded it to her personal Instagram. In the screenshot, a fan asked, “[Jungkook] is handsome, sings well, dances well, has a great voice, and is good at sports, too. I really like him, but I’m 23 years old. Is it shameful if a 23-year-old likes idols?”

To that, someone replied, “Why does age matter? Do you know Oh Sang Jin’s [wife] Kim So Young? She’s 30, but she’s a huge fan of Jungkook. When she gets home after work, she watches videos of Jungkook for an hour and a half before going to sleep. Oh Sang Jin even gets jealous ^^ Age doesn’t matter when you like [someone]. Jungkook has a lot of older female fans because he’s sexy even at a young age. His female fans call him oppa [term for older guy]. You can like Jungkook all you want~”

After posting the screenshot, Kim So Young wrote as the caption, “I burst out laughing [at the comment] ‘She’s 30.'”

Other people responded in positive, comforting ways as well. One woman said, “I’m a 35-year-old mom…can’t I like BTS?” Another person commented, “There’s no age limit to liking a person!”

It looks like Kim So Young is a role model for the older generation of ARMY!

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