Watch: BTS Is Nervous And Meets Famous Celebrities Behind The Scenes Of The AMAs

BangtanTV recently released an episode, following BTS as they made their appearance at the 2017 American Music Awards, showing behind-the-scenes footage of the members as they go through rehearsals, meet famous celebrities, and more.

The episode begins with Jimin filming the other members at Incheon International Airport, as they wait to board their plane for Los Angeles. He asks them questions such as how they feel about their upcoming performances and activities. The members appear tired but excited and nervous as they fly towards their U.S. debut.

They next arrive at Los Angeles International Airport, where they were greeted by reporters as well as fans holding placards and cheering as the group exits the terminal. In the car, Jimin comments, “Compared to the other times we’ve been to the U.S., there were so many more fans, so we were happy.”

The members then head to the venue for their rehearsal. They run through the song a few times to get used to the stage as well as the cameras. In between run throughs, Jimin laughs and says, “The awards ceremony is similar to Korean ones, except the celebrities are different.”

BTS then heads to their trailer, which they use as their waiting room. They joke around, appearing relaxed and confident, but from time to time show their excited but nervous energy. Khalid then drops by to say hello and mentions, “I’m so excited to see you guys perform tonight!”

They head to their limousine which takes them straight up to the red carpet for the awards ceremony. They take the customary photos with the reporters and finish their interviews as well. As they walk in towards the ceremony, they hear fans calling out their names. The members are happy and Jimin says, “It feels good that a lot of our fans came [to see us at] the red carpet.”

As they head towards their seats in the audience, they run into Post Malone. The members are excited as they talk with the singer.

When the BTS members enter the venue, they hear the deafening cheers of their fans. They also run into Ansel Elgort, whom they previously met during the Billboards Awards ceremony.

Backstage, the members also meet Shawn Mendes, who expressed his interest in working with them, to which RM says, “Of course! We’ll follow you on Twitter.” Shawn Mendes then mentions, “I just followed you guys on Instagram yesterday,” and they joke around before he has to leave for his performance.

The members are all a bundle of nerves as they then wait on standby before their performance. They practice their lyrics, going through them just one more time, and try to shake off the anxiety. They also greet The Chainsmokers, who will be the ones to introduce them on stage.

After their performance, they head back to their waiting room, sweaty and exhausted. However, they share that they are relieved that the performance went well. Jungkook expresses, “We had so much energy because of our fans!”

Watch the full video below!

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